social security appeal status
March 05, 2020

Understanding Levels of Appeals in a Disability Case

For one reason or another, it’s not uncommon to have your claim for disability benefits denied by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Understanding your Social Security appeal status doesn’t have to be challenging, as long as you know the appropriate steps to take and educate yourself about the various levels of disability appeals. Learn more… Read more »

are social security benefits taxable
February 20, 2020

Are Social Security Benefits Taxable?

Tax season is officially upon us! Filing taxes can be challenging enough as-is without factoring in your Social Security disability benefits income. If you have additional income putting you in a specific financial bracket that’s higher than the IRS threshold, you may find that any benefits over that limit are taxable. Overwhelming, right? So…are Social… Read more »

social security disability termination
January 22, 2020

Social Security Disability Termination: What to Expect

There are several different factors that could result in Social Security disability termination, also called cessation. Reasons can range from reaching retirement to going back to work. Don’t get caught in hot water – if the Social Security Administration (SSA) determines you are no longer qualified to receive disability benefits, you must be armed with… Read more »

what conditions qualify for disability
December 06, 2019

What Conditions Qualify for Disability?

If you’ve considered applying for Social Security disability, there’s no doubt you have heard about how challenging it can be to get approved for benefits. The most straightforward way to receive disability is to qualify for a condition or impairment listed in the Social Security Administration’s manual, called the Blue Book. Whether or not you… Read more »

medical disability
November 06, 2019

10 Tips to Consider When Applying for Medical Disability

Filing for medical disability can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be if you plan carefully and go above and beyond the steps needed to successfully apply. While there is never a guarantee you’ll be granted disability on the first try, the below tips will help get you on the right path.